Common Name

White Mango

Scientific Name

Mangifera caesia Jack


The name of this fruit was put on by the Portuguese. They came to India about 500 years ago and after recognizing this fruit and research on its varieties they came to the present form. In recent years many mango varieties have been cultivated in southern Florida as a part of the United States Agriculture Organization`s plan to cultivate plants. Over time new varieties were created and some were introduced to breeders in other parts of the world. Today many popular mango varieties that are cultivated throughout the world have come from Florida.

Health Benefits

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Considering antioxidant properties of some mango species in an experiment that its results were published in Journal of Tropical Agriculture showed that white mango had the most antioxidant property and the most flavonoid content among 6 considering species. Also, many studies have shown that phytochemicals content in mango play an important anti-inflammatory role in many chronic diseases. Inflammatory bowel diseases such as wounded colitis sometimes indicate a risk of bowel cancer. In mice with ulcerative colitis the mango extract was found to be anti-inflammatory and the use of mango extract reduced the severity of the symptoms of disease in these animals.

2. Anti-cancer

Active ingredients in mango have shown anticancer property against different cellular lines. In an experiment methanolic extract of mango had toxic effects on pancreas cancer cells. In addition, aqueous extract of mango has shown antitumor activity in human intestine and also in animal models.

3. Improving Cardiovascular System Function

A study has found that mango not only activated energy metabolism in Syrian mice by reducing oxidative injury but also had beneficial effect against heart attack. It has also been reported that in rats, pre-treatment of mango stem extract with an atherogenic diet can prevent increasing of lipids in the serum and heart and their accumulation in the liver and aorta. Extract of mango stem returns the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase to normal values.

4. Improving Memory Function

Mango polyphenols improve brain memory function. Researchers with the study of ethanolic extract effect of mango fruit on cognitive function in model of Syrian mice have observed that this extract and vitamin C can improve memory weakness. Oral use of mango extract prevents death of nervous cells in hippocampus. Mango extract contains saponnin, tannin and flavonoids that are memory booster.

5. Alleviating Peptic Ulcer Disease

Poly phenols of mango have beneficial effect on improvement of gastric ulcer. Pretreatment of Syrian mice with boiled mango flowers reduced stomach ulcers and ethanol-induced gastritis index and also accelerated the treatment process. This property of boiled mango in the treatment of gastric and intestinal disorders is the reason for its high popularity in the Caribbean.

Bioactive Compounds

Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Mucilage.

Traditional Use

In traditional medicine mango fruit is considered to be a phlegm remover, breath freshener and anti-hemorrhoid agent.

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