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Cinnamomum verum


For thousands of years, human have used cinnamon and its shrub shells for spice. Document shows this plant has been used since ancient times, and Arab merchants have imported it into Europe. Arab merchants transferred Cinnamon from ground routes to Alexandria harbor in Egypt, that it was purchased by Venetian merchants (business of cinnamon was their disposal in Europe). Arabs for about 3000 years have disposal of business pulse of spice such as cinnamon (from 1500BC to 1500AD). And was the most important of spice imports center to Europe.

Health Benefits

1. Boosting Immune System

Researches showed that cinnamon is full of Polyphenol and Proanthocyanidin. Anti-bacterial and antiviruses of cinnamon extract helps improvement of immune system. In a research the effect of cinnamon extract was investigated on laboratory mice. Cinnamon extract has been used in 10 mg/kg and 100 mg/kg doses. The results showed that dose of 10 mg/kg just increased serum level of immunoglobulin while 100 mg/kg dose decreased mortality of Pasteurella multocide (gram-negative bacteria) to 17%. These results also increased alienation coefficient, neutrophil adhesion and immunoglobulin serum level and titre antibody worth.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Researches showed anti-inflammation property of cinnamon is due to its Cinnamaldehyde presence. Cinnamaldehyde inhibits KB factor activity in immune cells. Researches show cinnamaldehyde, Eugenol and Terpenic ingredients of cinnamon are painkiller and relaxant. Eugenol inhibits Arachidonic acid metabolism and Histamine releasing and finally inflammation. Terpenic ingredients are also inhibitor of Arachidonic acid metabolism and Nitric oxide enzyme. As cinnamon and its ingredients can affect central nerves system and reduce the pain. Researches show that Eugenol of cinnamon has inhibitory property of Nitric oxide synthesis enzyme and by NO releasing that is a known mediator of pain, causes inhibition of acute and chronic pains.

3. Regulating Blood Glucose Levels

Researches have shown that cinnamon inhibits different digestive enzymes as Alpha glucosidase, Sucrase and pancreas Amylase. Cinnamon reduces entrance of glucose to blood flow by inhibition of these enzymes and prevents excessive secretion of insulin. Methyl hydroxyl chalcone (MHCP) has anti diabetics effects and acts with imitation of insulin act on lipid cells. Cinnamon effect on absorption of Glucose and Glycogen depends on dosage. Human researches show after the use of cinnamon blood glucose level will reduce that sometimes affects lipid metabolism. The research was published in diabetes care journal in 2006, based on this research, the use of different doses (1,3 and 6 G) of cinnamon for 40 days improved fasting blood sugar level and also blood lipid in diabetic people of type-2. Another research was done by Le et al. in 2012, in this research to 66 type-2 diabetic persons were fed, 120 MG or 360 MG of cinnamon extract associated with Sulphonylureas (orally drug for diabetes) for 3 months. Results indicated that HbA1c level and blood sugar significantly reduced in a group that received cinnamon, researches findings define that the use of cinnamon is effective in blood sugar control in people with type-2 diabetes. Based on published findings in clinical researches journal, the use of cinnamon to 6 G in a day reduces serum glucose, Triglyceride, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in people with type-2 diabetes.

4. Boosting Libido

In a research the effect of cinnamon extract was investigated on testicular tissue structure and number of sexual cells in small laboratory mice. Hydroalcoholic extract of cinnamon in different doses (50, 100, 200 and 400 MG per one KG body weight in 48 hours) prepared and injected to cured group with inside traits method for 20 days. The results showed the amount of primary Spermatocytes and Spermatocytes in 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg doses had a significant difference to another group. Also density of LH and FSH hormones increased with increasing injection dose and the highest increase was in 200 and 400g/kg doses. Findings of this research are indicative of the positive effect of cinnamon extract on male reproduction system, due to significant increase in number of sexual cells. In the biology section of Baghdad University a research was done and the effect of cinnamon on fertility of male rats was experimented. The results of this study indicated that the use of 1 ML of cinnamon liquid extract significantly increases movement and density of sperms as its density of 106*1.2 ML in witness group increases to 106*4.3 ML in treated mice. Also percent of live sperms increased from 2.89% in witness groups to 8.92% in treated male mice. Based on the results of this study, daily use of cinnamon liquid extract for 30 days improved sperms quality and reproduction function in mice.

5. Regulating Blood Pressure

A published research in American journal of nutrition in 2006 indicated, cinnamon helps to reduction of blood pressure of Systolic and Diastolic especially in diabetic people. Based on this research, daily consumption of half of tea spoon of cinnamon helps to reduce blood pressure level. In a clinical trial on 58 persons with type-2 diabetes showed that daily use of 2 G of cinnamon reduces blood pressure and blood sugar. The other research in 2006 indicated cinnamon reduces blood pressure of mice with high blood pressure. A clinical research in Toronto University in 2000 to 2012 showed short term use of cinnamon reduces Systolic blood pressure to 5 MmHg and Diastolic blood pressure averagely 6.2 MmHg. Another research showed that daily use of 1200 MG cinnamon in 59 people with type-2 diabetes after 12 weeks reduces Systolic blood pressure to 4.3 MmHg.

6. Anti-cancer

A research showed that cinnamon Cinnamaldehyde has anticancer property. Based on the results of this research the different doses of cinnamon can change growth of cervical cancer cells. Cinnamon antioxidants protect body against DNA injury, cell mutation and growth of cancer tumors. Based on the results of these researches, cinnamon encourages cancer cells to self-destruction or cellular death.

7. Anti-Pain

Researches proved that Eugenol has pain killer property. Based on done researches, eugenol inhibits calcium entrance to inside cell and by this way inhibits involved neurotransmitter in transferring pain message from terminal of afferent nerve fiber of pain in posterior horn of the spinal cord. Researches on Linalool from cinnamon Monoterpenes ingredients indicate these ingredients with effect on Opioid receptors cause pain killer effects. Also Linalool with open potassium channels causes creation inhibitor potential in neurons of central nervous system.

Bioactive Compounds

Cinnamon bark has 0.5-2.5% essential oil, including more than 50 different compounds that 65-80% of it inclouds cinnamaldehyde. Other constituents of this plant include cinnamic acid, phenolic compounds (such as eugenol, phellandrene, Safrul), terpene compounds (such as limonene and linalool), trans-cinnamaldehyde, tannin, coumarin, resin, phenyl propany compounds such as hydroxy cinnamaldehyde, cinnamon sweet flavor is due to the mannitol.

Traditional Use

In ancient China cinnamon was used to improve joint pains and respiratory failure. Loghman Hakim prescribed this plant for gastrointestinal diseases. Cinnamon has a warm and dry nature and is anti-flatulence, carminative, appetite stimulant, stomach enhancing, disinfectant, and relief of ear pain, anti-swollen, anti-coughing and curing ague and hemorrhoids and kidney swelling. It is used to cure headache, tooth pain, pussy mouth, hiccups, bladder infection, colds and flu, rheumatism and inflammation of the joints, restoring the wound, eliminating spot. Cinnamon is a general stimulant for body and accelerates blood flow and stimulates breathing. This plant is jolly. Furthermore, it is anti-anxiety and it is also used to cure insanity.

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